New Site Debut

Welcome to the new!

I decided to re-do my website over the weekend. Key reasons for this are:

An excuse to play around with new tech

Like my last site, this runs on Jekyll and is edge-cached around the globe through CloudFront for fast load times. However, I'm using a bunch of new tech (Gulp, postcss/cssnext, Octopress, s3_website) which should assist with managing posts and future maintainability.


One of the downsides of my previous site was that I stopped publishing as regularly as I once used to. Lots of things got in the way - side projects, new job, life changes etc. Hopefully an overhaul leads to more consistent and regular content!


I wanted a fresh new design for my place on the web. Thankfully, this theme I ran into is exactly what I was after - a responsive, Medium-like experience where content is the hero.

Stay tuned.

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